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  • For every new customer you bring to Deepetch.com, you'll earn 10% on every purchase they make for a full month
How it works?

Visitors will be tracked by our automated system by unique IP, referral website, country, date and time. We never use cookies. The reason behind not using cookies is if cookies are deleted we will not able to track your visitors by using that cookie any more. If a new user clicks your referrer link and proceeds to sign up an account and purchase an item or deposit money - your account will be credited 10% of the total purchase value for a full month.

Withdrawing your funds

Our point of difference from other affiliate program is that you manage your commissions; you are able to withdraw your money anytime and as much as you like.

Click here to register and get started now follow our simple steps and become an affiliate now.

Follow the link below and fill out the details, if you need a certain theme or a customisation on our banner designs, please email us at affiliate@deepetch.com.

Once your account is activated we will send you a confirmation mail and now you are authorised to download our banner and include them in your website/blog.

About Affiliate Program?

The Deepetch Affiliate program is an initiative with the aim of raising awareness and showcasing company products and services to visitors of complementing and similar sites. This program is aimed at increasing awareness of our services through our affiliates websites and blogs, in turn allows its affiliates to make money when they direct their visitors to our website. Through our unique tracking software, deepetch.com is able to track the number of hits, clicks and the source of our visitors. The model is simple and works on a commission-based referral system.

You, as an affiliate, market (on your website and/or blog) Deepetch services. In return you will receive (10%) of all sales directed through you for a full month. Your earning potential is unlimited some Affiliate marketing experts often make an income that can tally over five figures per month. It is all dependent on the program, for instance Deepetch.com affiliates are entitled to the following benefits –

  • You earn money without investing single cent
  • You generate customer leads for our business.
  • You can also potentially increase clicks to your own websites or improve sales - from banner ad, text link, graphic.
  • Affiliates are sometimes featured in Deepetch.com monthly newsletter.
  • The most satisfying is the knowledge that you are receiving additional income, by simply using empty web space.

What do I need to join Deepetch.com affiliate Program?

It’s very simple, you will need your own website, blog or forum that relates to graphic design, Photoshop, photography (anything related to images and image manipulations) will usually receive the best results as affiliates.

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